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The San Diego North Economic Development Council (SDNEDC) is a non-profit organization focused on fostering economic growth in North San Diego County. They collaborate with the public and private sectors to create a thriving regional economy through various initiatives and programs.
Sofia contributed to support the council in the following areas:
•advertising campaign development
•research projects
•social media management
•website design & management
•workforce development initiative building
campaign development

In Fall 2023, the county-wide business attraction campaign 'Why North County' launched. SDNEDC allocated $15k towards advertising to target business owners and decision-makers from other prosperous Southern California areas, encouraging new investments in the North County region.
Sofia spearheaded this endeavor with:
•landing page design
•partner relations
•linkedin/google ad management

KPBS published a featured article and ran a TV segment on the campaign, which you can find here.
research projects/publications

Sofia produced various research projects for SDNEDC including:
North County Small Business Resource Guide/Guía de Recursos para Pequeñas Empresas
The Small Business Resource Guide is a comprehensive document providing valuable information, tools, and support to help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate various aspects of running a business effectively, including financial management, marketing strategies, legal requirements, and other essential resources. 
Real-Time Labor Data Reports
The Real-Time Labor Data Report is updated on a a quarterly basis and uses job posting data from all North County to measure the economic health of the life science, technology, and manufacturing sectors. City-specific reports are produced for each of the 9 North County cities and include all industries beyond STEM.
Annual North County Indicator's Report
The 2023 North County Indicators (NCI) include over 64 indicators and complementary data sets. The indicators are meant to provide a holistic measure of North County’s economic ecosystem.
North County City Dashboards
There are 9 City Dashboard Reports for each of the North County cities providing easy-to-access information on data such as median household income or year-over-year job growth in each of these municipalities.
social media management

•+107,000 impressions
•4.8% CTR (avg from all platforms)
•58% increase in followers (avg from all platforms)​​​​​​​
website management

SDNEDC underwent an entire rebranding during 2023-2024, Sofia was responsible for updating the website design to reflect the new brand aesthetic.
workforce development

SOCAL Workforce is a collaborative program between education and industry created by Tri-City Medical Center, SDNEDC, and the North County Chambers of Commerce. The vision is to allow middle school, high school, post-secondary students and transitioning adults to gain insights into career pathways while allowing businesses and local organizations to participate in their career exploration. Sofia contributed to the program with support to the following:
•hosted several focus groups for students & career counselors
• developed an actionable strategic plan for the future of the program
•on-site interview host for video production
•website management
•grant writing​​​​​​​

The image depicts Sofia alongside the other founding members, receiving a proclamation from the San Diego Board of Supervisors.

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